Here at The Safety Coach Academy, we like to be a little unique and provide a service that is different to one you’ve experienced before.

We believe in highly effective training for both individuals and groups. Too many Companies currently provide training for certificates; we believe through our unique imersion training and mentorships that we are training for exceptional competence. In order to achieve this, we have structured our programmes in a highly efficient and effective way to provide the best long term value available.

We are passionate about ensuring you and your workforce stay safe. We look at behaviours, mindsets and habits and we aim to encourage positive change.

The team here at The Safety Coach Academy have years of experience in industry, as well as extensive knowledge in the leadership of safety.

The Safety Coach Academy offers interactive workshops, to enable you to instigate
“Creating a Positive Culture ™” within your organisations. As well as this service, we can offer bespoke behavioural safety programmes written specifically for your business.

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Our Services

As well as offering bespoke behavioural safety programmes, written specifically for your business, The Safety Coach Academy offer interactive workshops to enable you to instigate positive change within your own organisations.

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What we do

Using the extensive knowledge within the team, The Safety Coach Academy can offer a range of services depending on our clients requirements. Instigating change, and altering behaviour is complex. Here at The Safety Coach Academy, we recognise this, so we have expertise in human needs psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis, giving our services a different edge.

Why us

If you are looking for a forward thinking, proactive, inspiring and enthusiastic company, you’ve come to the right place. Why pick us? We will guide and coach you to a whole new way of looking at safety. A way that challenges you to go after what you would do want, rather than the drone of constantly trying to avoid what you don’t want. Let us help you to make a difference.



“Accomplished and Passionate Speaker”

I was lucky to be invited by Chad to one of his behavioural safety (and beyond) seminars. Chad held my attention throughout (which is a feat in »

“A Balanced and Holistic Approach”

"The Coach, Chad Lilley is a dedicated professional who specialises in behavioural and people based safety solutions. He understands the need for a »